Monday, June 30th, 2003 #1169
The Fourth Megaman Game The End of Drill Man
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Yeah, I could've kept Drill Man alive and had him help Dive Man, Toad Man, and Ran storm Dr. Wily's castle, but the thought of Drill Man accidentally killing himself while crying was too funny.

The lease was up on the apartment I was living in while in grad school and it was time to move. A friend of mine and I were renting an apartment in another town, so I had packed up all my stuff and moved. The sucky part was that I didn't have a job lined up and it would take a month to get our internet hooked up. Makes it kinda difficult to run a webcomic when you don't have internet access, but, as it would turn out, that was the least of the site's problems during July 2003.
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