Friday, July 4th, 2003 #1173
The Fourth Megaman Game Belated Fourth of July Comic!
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Another Fourth of July comic, and this time we see several references to previous Independence Day comics.

First we have Ran and Roll talking about how neither one of them should really be celebrating the Fourth of July, since he's a Communist and she's technically Japanese.

Then we have George and Chadling finally able to celebrate in ice cream together. And Proto Man is still torturing Mega Man.

But perhaps the most interesting thing about this comic is Mike's line at the end, which was an indicator that this comic came out much later than it was supposed to. Let me explain.

As I mentioned in an earlier commentary, I had just graduated with my Master's degree, my lease was up on my grad student apartment, and it was time to move. I ended up moving in with a friend of mine while I looked for a job, and just as I was getting settled in, two disastrous things happened at the same time.

First, I lost my internet access, which is obviously expected with any move. But in this case, for reasons I cannot fathom, it took the cable company a month to get around to installing our internet. The TV was hooked up in a few days, but they claimed nothing could be done about the internet until the end of July.

Second, I had just moved the site following the disastrous ServerFly debaucle to Myrmid (at the advice of Brian Clevinger from 8-Bit Theater), but just as I was getting moved, there was a major server crash and all the data was lost.

Now, separately, neither of these events would be that bad. If it was just loss of regular internet access, I could still sporadically update by visiting friends and using their connections, with everything set to automatically update. And if it was just a server crash I could have re-uploaded everything from my local copy in a few hours. But the two events together proved to be too much and I simply could not get the site back up for over a month.

Once I did get my internet hooked up, I had to get everything uploaded again, and then I could start working on the backlog of new comics. I'd still been making new comics, I just didn't have anything to do with them. So once I was able, I started updating multiple comics at a time to catch up. That's why this comic, which is technically the July 4th comic, didn't get updated until August 13th, something I thought to include in the comic itself.
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