Saturday, November 2nd, 2002 #929
Tales From a Parallel Universe 5 The Junk Flies
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The only real problem with getting a glimpse of the Rockman Universe is that it's not nearly as funny as the Megaman Universe. It's more difficult to get any sort of punchline when you don't have an idiotic character to play off of. But I figured Rock Man is probably the sort of hero that feels it necessary to produce a constant stream of bad one-liners and puns while he's fighting, like Spider-Man.

I don't know if it's entirely clear what's supposed to be going on in this comic, but in the second panel Junk Man is shooting at Rock Man with his weapon, which Rock Man dodges by jumping over it, then curls into a ball and bounces off his head in the third panel, which apparently makes Junk Man's head go all Rock'em-Sock'em robots, just like Dr. Wily's robotic clone did.

Looking back, I probably should've zoomed out, so that I wasn't trying to cram everything into such small panels.
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