Thursday, October 31st, 2002 #927
The Attack of Mega Man Third Annual Halloween Comic
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For the previous Halloween special, I did random costumes, but this year I thought I'd go with a theme. Namely, comic book characters.

Chadling as Wolverine was an obvious choice, as was Mega Man as Superman and Proto Man as Batman. In fact, I'm pretty sure I used that same sprite for Superman later. The color schemes for the DC characters came from the Super Nintendo game Justice League Task Force.

Nate seemed a natural choice for the Hulk, and Mike with his shield made sense for Captain America. Roll, being the only girl, was well suited for Wonder Woman. I figured George would like to be Spider-Man, and given the awesome powers of the Spectre, the Author seemed a nice fit. Bass was a bit harder, but I thought making him Godzilla would work, even if it wasn't entirely on theme. (I'm sure Godzilla has been in comic books, but I wouldn't immediately think of him as a comic book character.)

Dr. Light as Beast was the hardest, in a way, since I really did try to make a decent Beast out of the Dr. Light sprite. When I started running out of time, I figured I could get away with just sticking a modified Dr. Light head on Beast's body from X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse. I figured Dr. Light would be the sort of mad scientist that could find a way to make a really, really realistic Halloween costume if he wanted.

I also re-used George's Spider-Man sprite, pose and all, for a Helmeted Author Quip just before the second Spider-Man movie came out.
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