Tuesday, October 15th, 2002 #911
The Attack of Mega Man Fine Purple Mist
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I knew this wouldn't work on George, but I hadn't come up with a good reason yet. If I hadn't come up with the time travel explanation, I probably would've just argued that George's innate electrical nature would have short-circuited the nanobots in the first place, though you'd think evil Mega Man would have taken that into account. It's a lot harder to factor future time travel into your plans.

So, some might wonder, if George didn't explode into a fine mist like Chadling, why didn't he keep fighting Mega Man? Probably because he was standing right in front of Chadling when he exploded, which is likely more than enough to knock someone out.

Also, I really liked the way the purple mist covered Bass and Mega Man in the last panel.

It had been a while since my last blurb space art, so I threw this together. What happens when Cut Man doesn't catch his returning Cut Blades properly?

I particularly like the exaggerated look of shock on Guts Man's face, especially when compared to the look on Ice Man's face.
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