Bob and George
Monday, October 14th, 2002 #910
The Attack of Mega Man Godmoding
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For those of you unfamiliar, a "god-moder" (I probably should've used hyphens in the comic) is someone who cheats at a game, making themselves like a god. Infinite health and ammo are often used, which makes it impossible for other players to defeat the god-moder. In this context, Mega Man is acting like a god-moder in that no matter how crafty or clever the good guys are, Mega Man has apparently already planned for it and has an ace up his sleeve that will instantly kill them.

Not that this reversal of fortune isn't the sort of thing that happens to both sides of the various battles in the comic all the time. It just sucks when it happens to the good guys and is great when it happens to the bad guys.

By the way, this sort of in-comic retconning is exactly the sort of thing that the Helmeted Author and the Author do in their later confrontation.
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