Saturday, July 29th, 2000 #120
Why Alcohol is Bad for You The Inebriated Proclamation
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If there's one thing I'm inordinately proud of when it comes to the comic, it's that I can make a comic and update while drunk off my ass. It's true! There were numerous occasions where I was three sheets to the wind and updated the whole site without a hitch. I've also been known to hang out in the chat room while drunk and make am ass of myself, but those days are long behind me.

I mention that because, if you think about it, you'll realize that this is the comic that went up the day after my birthday, which means I had to make it and update the site the night of my birthday, and if you've read the previous commentary, you'd know I was pretty drunk that night.

Anyway, this comic also brings to mind one of the great tricks to learn in making sprite comics. As a naturally limiting medium, it can be extremely difficult to get the comic to look exactly the way you want. One way around that is to only use part of a sprite, with the rest hiding off panel. As I've bemoaned several times before, Mega Man doesn't have a good sprite of him laying down. So, in the last panel, I approximated the pose by only showing his legs. In fact, I used this same trick earlier, when Dr. Light was killed, since Dr. Light didn't have an appropriate laying-down sprite either.
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