Thursday, July 6th, 2000 #97
The Attack of the Yellow Demon He Got Splooged... Ewww...
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To be honest, I'm not really sure what the point of this attack is. It's from the Megaman arcade games, Power Battles and Power Fighters, as the Yellow Demon is one of Dr. Wily's fortress guardians. But in the game, all it does it toss you across the screen. Why? How is that supposed to hurt you? I suppose if the Yellow Demon is crushing you as it sucks you through its body, but it still seems like a stupid attack, especially the spitting out the other side. Wouldn't it be more productive to simply hold you in its body and crush you to death?

Now, launching you into the stratosphere, that would be pretty cool. A little counterproductive if the fall doesn't kill you, but it would be pretty cool nonetheless.
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