Friday, July 14th, 2000 #105
The Attack of the Yellow Demon The Old Run-Around
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In case it's not apparent, I was basically just going from one set of Yellow Demon sprites to another, manipulating the battle so that I could show them all off. In this case, I wanted to use the Yellow Demon's ball form, where he can shoot frickin' laser beams from his frickin' eye. As such, I figured there would come some part of the battle in which the Yellow Demon starts chasing them around, shooting them with the laser beam. Unfortunately, since it's a two-dimensional comic, all they can really do is run back and forth, which even they realize will get pretty monotonous after a while.

One thing that's always bothered me about this comic is the way the shading on the Yellow Demon changes half-way through the comic. The reason, of course, is because that's how the shadows are in the original sprites, and I selected the sprites based on the direction of the laser beam, not the direction of the shadows. If I were to remake this comic, I'd probably just use one sprite for the Yellow Demon, with a consistent shadow throughout, and just make the laser beam myself in Photoshop, or cut out the laser beam from the full sprite and use it however I liked.
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