Friday, July 21st, 2000 #112
The Return of the Author Inside That Insidious Hole
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In case you didn't catch it, that's supposed to be the same big hole Mega Man fell into here and here. Though, it doesn't seem to help them much.

Some of you might be wondering how exactly the Yellow Demon could have fit into the hole in the first place, much less how he could've snuck in there without Proto Man or Mega Man possibly noticing. Well, as it evidenced later with Nate's transformation and Chadling's transformations, clearly Demons are capable of changing size as well as shape. I hypothesize that they have some sort of inherent dimensional portal which allows them to shunt some of their mass into a pocket dimension, allowing them to change mass as well as size and shape.

At least, that's how Changelings do it.
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