Monday, July 31st, 2000 #122
Why Alcohol is Bad for You The Result
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From the very beginning, I had always intended for Roll's character to be much different from her canon good-girl image. But early on, in addition to having her swear like a sailor and enjoy blasting things, I was also thinking about making her a total slut. In fact, in this comic, I was originally going to casually insinuate that she had had sex with the Author.

Two things stopped me from going ahead with this idea. First, I thought turning Roll into a whore might going too far, crossing a line. Second, and perhaps more importantly, I'm not sure I really like the idea of my comic personification having sex with an underage robot.

There's also a reference to the "real" comic starting soon. I'm sure I once again had plans to start the hand-drawn comic soon, so Proto Man's line would have been a joke about how you can't believe a drunk, only to have it turn out to be true when the "real" comic started shortly. But when those plans fizzled as well, it made his line more a joke about how you really can't trust anything I say, ever.
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