Wednesday, July 19th, 2000 #110
The Return of the Author Okay, I Forgot About That
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I don't think many people stop to think about it, especially within the context of the comic itself, but technically the Author is responsible for everything that happens. While this may sound obvious, it also means that the Author is reponsible for Mynd, Helmut, and all the other troubles that plagued the comic throughout its run. In other words, he's a giant jerk.

Sometimes I wonder why the characters don't hold him responsible for their troubles. Why don't they grab him and demand to know why he allows-- no, introduces such evils into their world? I mean, if you had the same kind of relationship with your god, wouldn't you feel inclined to inquire about such things?

I suppose that's where I got the idea for the end of the comic, where that's pretty much exactly what Bob does.
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