Monday, June 26th, 2000 #87
The Attack of the Yellow Demon The Monster is Always Behind You
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In horror-comedies, one of the best bits is to have the monster/killer standing directly behind the victim, ready to pounce as soon as the victim turns around, only to be thwarted when the victim won't turn around. I mean, where's the fun in killing someone if you can't see that look of fright when they realize you're right behind them?

One interesting note about this particular comic is that, as you can see, the Yellow Demon speaks. This is interesting because this Yellow Demon will one day become Nate, who is famous for never speaking. So, what's the deal? Well, of course I had no concept of Nate when this comic was made, so how could I possibly have known not to have him speak? But I don't suppose a behind-the-scenes answer will satisfy the die-hard fans.

As far as an in-comic explanation goes, I've often felt that Nate was unable to speak because Dr. Light deactivated that ability during the conversion process from monster to ally. Perhaps it was an unfortunate consequence of the transformation, or maybe Dr. Light is just a jerk. We may never know.

Actually, at one point, I had considered giving Nate the ability to speak, and suggesting that he'd always been able to, he just never had anything to say. I eventually moved away from that idea, since it seemed like it would cheapen Nate's character to reveal something like that after everyone had simply accepted that he couldn't speak. Besides, forcing him to scribble everything he wanted to say on signs was too good a visual gag to get rid of.

So, looking back, if I were to change something, rather than giving Nate the ability to speak, I'd remove the Yellow Demon's ability to speak. I mean, think about it. Wouldn't this comic be funnier if the Yellow Demon simply couldn't get Mega Man's attention, futilely waving his arms up and down?
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