Monday, June 19th, 2000 #80
The Return to the Beginning That Beam Appeared Out of Nowhere
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We may think that robots clunking themselves into beams and walls is funny, but do you ever think about it from the robot's point of view? I mean, there you are, trying to make your way in life, and this beam pops out of nowhere and slams into you! Is it your fault your visual sensors aren't good enough to see the beam? Or that your cognitive processors aren't fast enough to stop your motion propellers before you slam into it? Or that you're just too stupid to realize that you can't go through solid objects? No! It's the programmer's fault!

Uh, sorry about that. I'm just trying to give you something interesting to read here, and I'd imagine reading the same comments over and over would get kind of boring after a while. I mean, what can I really say about this comic? Should I describe the creative process that led me to think that having Mega Man walk into a beam off-screen would be funny? Or should I talk about how I couldn't figure out how to show an 8-bit Mega Man walking into a beam, so I had to show it off-screen for practical reasons? Or should I go on and on about how some of the funniest scenes in comedies and the scariest scenes in horror movies are often the ones mostly done off-screen, so that your imagination has to fill in the blank and your imagination is almost always better than anything the creators could come up with on their own?

Damnit! That last one was pretty good. I should've written about that instead of rambling about some other pointless crap. Well, too late now.
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