Thursday, July 20th, 2000 #111
The Return of the Author Back to the Fight, I Guess
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So the Author was merely a distraction I needed to bring in while I was still stumbling from my failed attempt to start the hand-drawn comic a second time. I suppose once I had an idea of where to go from there, I didn't need him anymore and he could return to wherever it is he hangs out the rest of the time.

Though, truth be told, this comic is really just pointless. The Author showed up for no reason and now he's leaving for no reason. What makes it worse is that he'll just be back in a few comics when the situation with the Yellow Demon gets worse again. I suppose what I really should've done is either go directly from here into the White Space, or skip this entire sequence that just occurred and go directly to the White Space. Either way, this comic is pointless.

Well, except for the ice cream reference, which is naturally an allusion to the first ice cream reference, the first of many.
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