Tuesday, July 4th, 2000 #95
The Attack of the Yellow Demon Special Big Episode #3!
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Another big comic that was mainly to show some sort of Yellow Demon sprite sequence that would probably have looked better animated, and could very easily have been split into three individual comics if I was feeling particularly lazy.

Looking at this comic, you might be wondering why Mega Man didn't jump off as soon as he realized he was standing on top of the Yellow Demon now rising out of the ground. I suppose it's possible he figured it was better to be on top of the Yellow Demon than under the Yellow Demon, right?

This was the last of the "Special Big Episodes", at least in name. There are a good number comics to come that are also big and special, not necessarily in that order, but I didn't give them special titles.

Additionally, this would mark what could be considered to be the first of the Fourth of July specials. It wasn't until after several years of them that I realized it was probably a bit ethnocentric to celebrate a holiday that only one country in the world celebrates. But, I suppose since the comic is written in English, a majority of its audience is already most likely to be from the US. Though, I suppose that raises the question of why I included American Indepedence Day and no other US-only holidays like Thanksgiving (in November) or Memorial Day or Labor Day or... Well, anyway, the simple answer is, I just like explosions.

By the way, did anyone else notice that Nate pulls a stunt very similar to this during the battle with the Helmeted Author?
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