Wednesday, July 26th, 2000 #117
The White Space The Yellow Demon is So Dead
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While I was working on the Yellow Demon storyline, I wondered if readers were wondering why Mega Man was having such a hard time with the Yellow Demon, considering how many times he's destroyed the Demon in the past. Given that Mega Man is still alive, he must have been successful each time, so why would he be having such a hard time now? Was the action sufficient to keep the readers from stopping to think about things like that? Or had they simply gone along with whatever it was Mega Man was doing without thinking about motivation or previous experiences? Or had it simply not occurred to them at all?

These are the kinds of things I constantly worried about when working on the comic. I'd always worry whether or not the readers would pick up on the subtle and not-so-subtle clues I'd leave in the comic as to my future intentions, because while I wanted readers to pick up on them, I didn't necessarily want them to figure everything out, or it would ruin the surprise later. But then, the surprise would be so much better if it tied everything together and made the readers feel really clever for figuring out how it all worked together. That can be extremely difficult to do properly.

Anyway, after I'd sat down to figure out how the hell I was going to wrap up this storyline, something I tended to do quite often after writing myself into a corner, I realized that I could simply point out to the characters through my Author avatar that Mega Man should know how to defeat the Yellow Demon. So I did it. And it worked.
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