Bob and George
Wednesday, July 12th, 2000 #103
The Attack of the Yellow Demon I Guess Proto Man's Not Dead
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When these comics first went up, in the blurb I acted as though Proto Man was definitely dead. And as the Author, I would know, right? To be honest, I'm not sure if anyone believed me or even cared if Proto Man was really dead, but I acted as though he was.

So when Proto Man suddenly reappears in the comic, the Author is supposed to be surprised, because as far as he/I knew, Proto Man really was dead. So... yeah, it was kinda lame, but as a relatively new author, I thought I was being terribly clever at tricking the audience. And by "tricking", I mean outright lying.

By the way, the background color in this comic was supposed to be representative of the Yellow Demon's mood. That is, he's pissed, and understandbly so. Unfortunately, I also decided to make his eye that color, which ends up making his head look it has a hole through it, which was not the intention.
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