Thursday, October 3rd, 2002 #899
The Attack of Mega Man Mega Man's Final Attack
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My thinking is that when Mega Man takes other Robot Masters' abilities and converts them to his own use, all he's really doing is converting energy from one form to another. Which means he's basically just a walking energy converter, which means he should be able to take the energy that Dr. Light is shooting at him and fire it back at Dr. Light.

This may mean that the Helmeted Author actually needed to use Mega Man's body for all of this, which means that this might really be Mega Man, just with Helmut in control. Or it may mean that Mega Man can't really do this and this is just the Helmeted Author making shit up to save his own ass. Either way, really.

That blast effect in the last panel is almost certainly my best attempt at mimicing the blaster effects from Plague's comics.
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