Bob and George
Friday, June 14th, 2002 #788
The Cataclysm Flashback A Mysterious Figure
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There was a ton of speculation as to who the Shadowy Author might be. Some people though it was George's mom, but I tried to shoot that down as quickly as possible.

Much like the Helmeted Author, when I first introduced the Shadowy Author, I hadn't really given much thought as to his real identity. Leaving it open like that allows me more wiggle room if I think up something better later.

Ultimately I ended up deciding that the Shadowy Author is the regular Author post-Cataclysm. This changed slightly when the comic universe diverged from the universe of the Cataclysm movies, so I guess the Shadowy Author is a post-Cataclysm version of an Author very similar to the regular Author.

I had planned on having a hidden scene in one of the Cataclysm movies where Ran confronts the Author and demands that the Author intervene and stop Zero. The Author refuses, knowing that intervention will only make things worse. Eventually, Ran convinces the Author to give him a more powerful weapon, which Ran then uses to blast Zero out of the city. Unfortunately, this directly results in Zero inadvertently finding Dr. Light's hidden base and Dr. Light's death, meaning that the Author's actions have only made things worse, exactly as he feared.

Upon this realization, he transforms into the Shadowy Author and fades away, and the scene ends. This was supposed to be the official explanation of the Shadowy Author's origin, but since that movie never got made, I added it to the Epilogue instead.
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