Wednesday, December 25th, 2002 #982
Tales From a Parallel Universe 5 Yet Another Christmas Special
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Bass's confusion comes from the fact that Forte's in the current storyline, and he's getting confused as to which one of him he is.

Following Mega Man's comment about Roll's hair, I thought I'd try to do a bit of spriting and give Roll a more adult hair style. I learned that I suck at spriting and should have left it alone. Eventually I returned it to normal with absolutely no fanfare.

The only problem with my theory that Helmut had taken control of Mega Man is that Mega Man wakes up in the closet, as though Helmut simply left him there and took on his form, which was my intention. On the other hand, I suppose since Helmut is essentially an Author, he could have just left Mega Man's body in the closet when he was done possessing it.

Chadling, having been blown up in the last storyline, is once again in his rejuvination container, though this time Nate avoided that fate. Chadling would get his revenge eventually.

As for the sign, I got a Gamecube and Metroid Prime for Christmas this year, so I was pretty busy playing it.
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