Thursday, January 2nd, 2003 #990
Tales From a Parallel Universe 5 Send in the Clones
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I have no idea when Dr. Wily had the time to create this Rockman clone army. I mean, we saw him use it for presumably the first time on Rock Man, and then immediately Bob showed up and this fight started. So when did he create these clones?

My only guess is that he did it when Rock Man was still unconscious, but then why did he bother with the theatrics of "testing" his cloning gun again? He'd already made half a dozen clones, so clearly it worked. Why would he pretend he was still testing it?

Ooh, maybe the plan was to make Rock Man think he'd only made one clone, which Rock Man had to be conscious to witness. Can you imagine the confusion back at Dr. Right's lab when they're absolutely confident that there's only one clone and suddenly a dozen more pop up? Wow, either Dr. Wily's more clever than I thought or I'm a crappy writer.
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