Bob and George
Thursday, November 11th, 2004 #1669
The Fifth Megaman Game Distraction
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This punchline came from a D&D session I was involved with once.

I was playing a kender, and the party had a mission to rescue a princess, who was being held in a cave. The group was discussing how to deal with the guards and get into the cave, and I, in character, came up with a grand plan.

With the rest of the party hidden near the entrance of the cave, the kender and the mage (using an invisibility spell) would go into the cave. The kender would act as a distraction, luring the bandits out of the cave, where the rest of the party could attack them. Meanwhile, the mage could grab the princess and get her to safety.

The group, surprised, agreed with my plan and we got ready. Then, the kender goes into the cave, the bandits turn to him and ask who he is, and he says...
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