Thursday, August 10th, 2000 #132
The First Megaman Game The Lifts, Attempt Number One
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And here we go with the lifts from the Guts Man level. I hate those lifts.

I've played the first game several times, but I've never actually finished the game because I simply cannot get past Guts Man's level because of those damn fucking lifts!

Though, I should mention, just because I can't get past the lifts doesn't mean they're necessarily difficult. The simple truth is that I just suck at video games, the Megaman games in particular. This tends to surprise many people, because they apparently assume that since I do so much with the Megaman games, I must be good at them or something. This couldn't be further from the truth. I totally suck at them.

In fact, and here's my dirty little secret, I cheat at video games. A lot. Mostly it's because while I like playing video games, I don't much care for dying, or having to start over, or having to play the same levels over and over. This isn't to say that I cheat at all video games, just most. For example, I don't cheat at Mario or Zelda games, but I don't suppose that's saying much.

That being said, I suppose it makes it even worse that I still can't get past Guts Man's lifts even when I cheat like crazy. I suppose that's why I hate them so much. Fucking lifts.
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