Bob and George
Friday, March 11th, 2005 #1789
A&E Biography Month Monkey Dave
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Back in the late 90's, when the interent was first becoming a thing, a friend of mine introduced me to Tripod as a site where you could make free websites. There were many other sites like it at the time, such as Geocities and Angelfire.

I had learned some basic HTML and made a little links page on a Tripod site. I still have that links page, though I've long since moved it to the BnG server with its own domain name. But the point is that what when it came time to make a website for my new comic, Tripod seemed the obvious choice.

This was before the comic had its own domain name, since there wasn't a good way to link a domain name to a Tripod site, so the URL for the website was, which apparently still works, though it only contains a redirection to the regular front page. I regretted including the underscores, but by the time that became an issue, it was too late.

When I was in high school, I had drawn little cartoons about kids with super powers, and this is essentially where Bob and George came from, though in very different forms. George's original power was sonics, and he was kind of an idiot. And Bob was actually more like the hand-drawn version of Nate, and he didn't have any powers.

For the new site, my idea was that the two would be brothers and the comic would document their adventures at college. George, being the older brother, would arrive at "Tech" first, and Bob would arrive a year or two later and enter the story then.

In addition to George, whose super-powers would be revealed later, the cast included Duncan, a Highlander; Nate, a super-genius slacker who would eventually gain telekinetic powers; Jay, a jerk that no one really liked until he was replaced by a shape-shifting alien during one of their adventures; and Ted, an ROTC-junkie that would later get super powers from the government.

George would also meet Maris, a water-based nymph, and they would have something of a relationship. Eventually Bob would show up and complicate things.

Many of these ideas were discussed in the last Party collection, in which George thinks he's been teleported to a universe in which that was the comic that actually ran.

Also, I drew that drunk monkey specifically for this comic, and I still have it somewhere.
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