Bob and George
Monday, March 14th, 2005 #1792
A&E Biography Month Recolor Faux Pas
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When I originally created the sprites of George, I intended him to have multiple outfits. They were still your basic Mega Man uniform, but of different colors. His regular outfit was blue, but I also created a green outfit and a red one. The green outfit ended up being used as the chatroom's bot avatar. All three color pallettes originally came from the eyes of one of the fortress bosses from Megaman X.

By the time this comic originally ran, the spriting community was large enough that recolors were definitely frowned upon. If you didn't have enough talent to modify sprites more than that, you didn't deserve to make a comic. I got a pass cause I did it first.

The characters in the third and fourth panels are, starting from the left, Deccus, Felicia from Neko's House by Maneko, DisgruntledFerret, Punk from Dysfunction by Kittykaboom, and [insert name and link here when I figure it out].

I picked those particular sprites since they were examples of highly modified and well-done sprites. I found out afterwards that the Felicia sprite is not original, but it was too late by then.
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