Bob and George
Thursday, April 13th, 2006 #2187
The First Annual Robot Tournament Existential Quandry
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George's concern here is that if he interferes with the tournament by telling Bob who's supposed to win, he'll inadvertently affect the outcome, and the Robot Masters that are supposed to win won't. For example, if he knows that Knight Man is supposed to win, if Knight Man knows that, will he not do something he's supposed to, and ultimately end up losing?

This ties into the butterfly effect in the sense that if the timeline is so prone to divergence that simply knowing about the future can alter the outcome, could George's mere presence in the past be already changing things? That is, if you go back in time and step on a butterfly, could that have disastrous consequences because you have no way of knowing how that butterfly's mere continued existence would later affect the timeline? What if that butterfly would later distract a T. Rex at a pivotal moment, thus ensuring the destruction of the dinosaurs? You don't know!

Aston Kutcher's The Butterfly Effect touched on this somewhat, though overall it wasn't a very good movie. And I don't care for Aston Kutcher in general, and not just because Mila Kunis could do so much better.
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