Sunday, April 23rd, 2000 #23
Mega Man's Missing! Break Time
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This was the first of the "Coffee Break" comics featuring Proto Man and Roll just standing around talking, as though it's behind-the-scenes or something. There are quite a few of these comics for two primary reasons.

First, they're super easy to make. I mean, it's two characters just standing there. The only difference between the frames is whether or not their mouths are moving. This kind of comic can be quickly thrown together once the dialogue is written.

Second, I've always liked the interaction between Proto Man and Roll. They both have a pretty cynical outlook, probably due to having spent so much time with Dr. Light and Mega Man, so they have a lot in common. As siblings, they probably already have a close relationship, and they're really the only ones in their family with whom they can have a meaningful conversation. Dr. Light's too busy and/or drunk, and Mega Man is... well... unless the topic is ice cream, it's probably not very intellectually stimulating.

Later versions of the "Coffee Break" comics would have Proto Man and Roll holding sodas or something, since it is supposed to be a coffee break. I just didn't have the spriting skills to do that yet.
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