Saturday, April 8th, 2000 #8
The Beginning of the Story Here We Go Again
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The 8-bit Proto Man sprite has no mouth. When you end up working with it for months on end, as I did in later storylines, that can really. I usually made due by drawing a line or two that represented his mouth, but it still would have preferred a real mouth.

One running theme that I would establish in the comic was that different time periods corresponded to different "bittages". That is, the present is represented by 16-bit (SNES) sprites, such as from Megaman 7 or Megaman X, the past is represented by 8-bit (NES) sprites, and the future by 32-bit (Playstation) sprites. Personally, I liked working with the 16-bit sprites the most. They allow for more expression than the 8-bit sprites, but aren't as difficult to work with as the 32-bit sprites, though I know some spriters prefer the higher level of detail.

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