Tuesday, April 25th, 2000 #25
Mega Man's Missing! Well, He Does...
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I wonder if this bit of the storyline technically makes Proto Man the first recolor. I mean, the Author hadn't been introduced yet, and no one else was really doing a sprite comic, so his appearance here might qualify.

By the way, one of the reasons I thought Proto Man dressing up like Mega Man might work is that, according to some of the backstory, Mega Man and Proto Man look very much alike with their helmets removed. I imagine Dr. Light simply used the same physical blueprints when making both of them, so Proto Man wears shades partly as a way to differentiate himself from Mega Man. Indeed, many spriters choose to use Mega Man's head as a template for a helmet-less Proto Man.

That's always made me wonder if the original physical blueprints for Mega Man and Proto Man might have been what Dr. Light looked like when he was younger. It would be very Soong-ian of him.
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