Tuesday, April 4th, 2000 #4
The First Strips Are You Done?
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Generally, I don't like to do topical comics, though I suppose it could be argued whether or not the US "tax-day" is topical. Nevertheless, for the most part, I kept external events like politics or fan community things, out of the comic.

The way I see it, all a reader should need to know to enjoy a comic is what has previously happened in the comic. While nearly impossible to do with syndicated comics, online comics generally make their entire archives available, giving the reader the option to catch up and understand any self-referencing and/or running gags.

That being said, there are a few occasions when I broke my rule and included topical things, like during holidays and anniversaries, which I consider something of a present to the fans and long-time readers. Also, occasionally if something rather significant happened, such as the server debacle of 2003, I made note of it in a comic to remind me what was happening in the real world at that time, like a time capsule.

For readers who weren't around when these real-world events took place, the hope is that this commentary can help explain what was going on.

For example, original readers would have seen that in the original version of this comic, the floor was purple. I'm glad I didn't stick with that, though I have no idea why I stuck with the floor always being gray. And what was with the sometimes-open, sometimes-closed mouths?

And on a fairly unrelated note, taxes in the US weren't actually due until April 17th in 2000, since the 15th was a Saturday.
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