Monday, September 17th, 2001 #521
Tales From a Parallel Universe 4 An Alternate Gathering
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Back to the Alternate Dimension with Chadling for a few jokes.

One thing to note in this comic is Alternate Mega Man's line about being lactose intolerant. Apart from the intelligence, Alternate Mega Man is supposed to be physically identical to regular Mega Man, implying that regular Mega Man is lactose intolerant too. This, then, was supposed to be why Mega Man is always puking in the party comics; it's not that he's been drinking heavily, it's that he's been eating too much ice cream. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone ever picked up on that. My god, was I actually too subtle about something?

Some fans have pointed out that Alternate Bass calls Proto Man "Alternate Proto Man", which doesn't necessarily make sense, since he should really just be "Proto Man" to the inhabitants of this universe, right? While I concede the point, I also disregard it by saying that Alternate Mega Man and Bass are smart enough to know they're in a comic and refer to other characters by their Alternate prefixes when the comic is focusing on them. So there.

Also, I love that Alternate George's eyes are still bleeding.
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