Saturday, March 20th, 2004 #1433
Helmeted Attack Ultimate Discouragement
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So, here's the problem. No one was supposed to be able to touch the jar, right? But remember what Helmut just said about George surviving due to plot devices?

Basically, in order to ensure that George would be able to survive the time loop that would enable Helmut's non-corporeal release, he needed to make sure that George stayed alive. So he was using his powers to keep George alive, which negated the hex to kill anyone who touched the jar.

In other words, Helmut's attempts to keep George from dying made George the only person that could touch the jar and survive, which the Author artfully manipulated into his release from the jar during George's trip back in time, which Helmut himself initiated to complete his own manipulations.

Hopefully that all makes sense, and you can see why this would drive Helmut insane.
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