Friday, April 2nd, 2004 #1446
The Fourth Party Rick O'Shay Land
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Like previous years, after the initial animated comic, the rest of the anniversary comics would be multiple comics put together in Flash. In this case, they started by dealing with the aftermath of the author fight.

After the authors destroyed the comic, that left George and Proto Man in the comic-less void, seen in the first frame. Whether the void was actually the White Space or not, they were very similar places.

Since the first place they were to visit was Rick's comic, I tried to make it look as much like one of his comics as possible, starting with the second frame. That included different types of special effects and different fonts.

One of the big difference between Rick's comic and mine is the justification of the text boxes. I tended to center my text, while he kept it all left-justified. And he used regular Arial font.

Rick's comic was one of the oldest on the site, and I believe it was the oldest sprite comic. But, truthfully, there were so many of them, it could be easy to see one slip through the cracks, especially if you updated as often as Rick did.

Rick was rather notorious for going a very long time between updates. I'd let it go for a year or two, mention it to him, and he'd bounce back with a few new comics, and then slide back into non-updating. And while three years is a bit of an exaggeration, it's not as much of one as you might think.

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