Wednesday, April 21st, 2004 #1465
The Adventures of Ninja Ned Ninja Master
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Presumably when those three ninjas returned to their hideout, Ninja Ned, their real master, was probably less than pleased that they'd abandoned their mission because of some lookalike. And in an organization like that, there's only one way you can apologize for your mistakes.

The Ninja Ned storyline was all a way to introduce the real Ninja Ned (aka Non-Alternate Mike), as a lead-up to the next villain attack.

I presume, in the context of the comic, that Roll somehow knew about Ned already, perhaps he's famous or infamous in her world, and either thought Mike was Ned when she first saw him, or thought he looked enough like him to earn the nickname. Is that retconning or fanwanking? Can the author fanwank his own creation?
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