Thursday, April 8th, 2004 #1452
The Fourth Party More Interviews, Day Two
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In the first frame, we have Megami on the left and Andrusi on the right.

In the second frame, we have iX, from Randomness. After the server crash earlier in the year, I didn't bother putting some of the fancomics back up. Dogadon's had two comics that didn't make the transition, though they're both preserved on the site now.

In the third frame, we have Myrmadon, once again finding out why giant blades on your back are a bad idea.

In the fourth frame, we have the Cap'n, and all of those things are actually in his comic.

In the last two frames, we have two characters from one of my favorite comics, Dysfunction. The sprite work is quite good and the writing is superb. I ended up stealing quite a few sprites from Kittykaboom. The first girl is Punk, who had an unhealthy relationship with both Proto Man and Bob, which would come up later, much to Mike's crotch's consternation. The blue-haired girl never had a name, but some people suggested "Katie", while I believe I preferred "Blue".
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