Wednesday, August 9th, 2006 #2305
The Sixth Megaman Game Weakness
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I was about to say something to defend my statement on Nintendo Power, but then I remembered that no one gives a shit about Nintendo Power.

Nonetheless, one of the reasons I made fun of Nintendo Power here is because during the Second Megaman Game, I swear I relied on information from Nintendo Power for one of my Robot Masters' weaknesses, and I was totally wrong, so I blame Nintendo Power for that.

Another reason is that I was a subscriber to Nintendo Power from the early days. Not the first episode, but pretty early on. And I eventually ended my subscription because I got so tired of the magazine trying to remake itself into something it wasn't. It got rid of the nerdier sections in favor of flashier and dumber section, which I thought was going completely in the wrong direction. Rather than trying to make itself just like all the other gaming magazines out there, it should have been trying to stand out and make itself different. Retro.
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