Thursday, August 9th, 2001 #482
The Next Generation Introductions All Around
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As I understand it, when Megaman X first came out, there was some debate over Zero's gender. According to some early conceptual artwork, X's best friend in the future was going to be a female robot with long blonde hair. I suppose if X was supposed to be a future version of Mega Man, rather than a completely new robot, then perhaps this girl was a future version of Roll.

In the end, Capcom decided to make Zero male, but they kept the effeminate hair and the boob-lights. I wonder if you could consider Zero as having started the whole metrosexual video game character trend. Is Zero's hair responsible for Sephiroth's?

I also wonder if this idea of the main character having a female partner lead to that concept in the Megaman Neo/Legends/Dash and Megaman Zero games.
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