Thursday, October 2nd, 2003 #1263
Another Bad Time Pseudo-Sexual Harassment
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My wife doesn't like this comic, but I think it's perfectly reasonable that George would use such a criteria for his decision-making process, so long as Roll never found out.

The core problem here is that there's no way for George to know if he's fated to do anything in the past. It's possible that he was supposed to come back in time, so anything he does here is something he's supposed to do. But that presents all sorts of double-guessing and confusion.

For example, if you know that something might happen in the future, could trying to change it actually be the thing that causes it to happen?

At least this way, George is being true to himself and can have confidence in his actions, because if Roll's boobs were bigger, he would feel more compelled to help her, which would have been what he was supposed to do if he was destined to do anything while in the past. Right?
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