Wednesday, January 3rd, 2001 #264
The Attack of Bob Mega Man Dies
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Here we get the first glimpse of just how powerful Bob's blaster actually is. And the irony of the situation is that Mega Man had just apparently thrown off his cloak of stupidity and was finally getting serious about battling Bob, only to be obliterated before he was able to do anything. Not to mention that at this point, Mega Man was undeniably the main character of the comic, and he was just... well, he wasn't simply killed, he was disintegrated.

And thus my joy of messing with the audience really begins.

Originally, Bob's comment in the last panel was meant to be an indication of his surprise that Mega Man, a character who's been in so many video games, would be defeated so easily. But looking back, I think it could also be interpreted to indicate that even Bob didn't know just how powerful his blaster was, as he hadn't used it yet.

This comic also served as the conclusion of the animated special for the first anniversary. And now I can stop mentioning it.
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