Wednesday, September 1st, 2004 #1598

The Fifth Megaman Game Month of Destruction Begins
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With so much happening at Dr. Light's lab, I didn't want to abandon it while focusing on what Alternate Mega Man and Bass are up to at Bob's fortress. And rather than going back and forth continuously, I had the idea of presenting both storylines simultaneously over the course of a month. It was a gimmick, but it sounded like an interesting idea.

Many of the readers were against it. "A month of destruction?" they said, "We don't want to see that. That's stupid." Many of them admitted they were wrong to doubt me after it was all over, and many readers say it was their favorite part of the comic.

All I know is that it was extremely tiring for me to put them together. With the special effects, I was staying up WAY too late working on the comic, and I had a full-job to worry about.

Oh, also, in the first bottom panel, Alternate Mega Man is referring to Mega Man's line about "Bring it on!" from the previous comic, which was a reference to a cheerleading movie. And the lines from the second bottom panel are stolen from yet another Family Guy episode, this time from the one where Bill Gates is flying with a jetpack.
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