Tuesday, September 7th, 2004 #1604

The Fifth Megaman Game The Green Parsec
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Mega Hulk was something I'd been thinking about ever since Mega Man was exposed to those nanobots. That sprite is actually one of the miniature Yellow Demons from Power Battles.

Alternate Bass's line in the last panel is a reference to Han Solo's line from the first Star Wars movie. Well, actually, it's a bit more complicated than that.

As you probably know, the problem with that line is that a parsec is a unit of distance, not time, so saying that you made a run in less than twelve parsecs doesn't make any sense. But I was reading a series of novels from the Expanded Universe chronicling Han Solo's adventures prior to the first movie, including why Lando was supposed to be so mad at him, and it mentions that when Han made that infamous Kessell Run, the path he chose involved so many black holes, that in the end, the final distance was less than twelve parsecs due to the warping of space in the vicinity of those black holes.

And now you can see how it applies to this comic.
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