Sunday, September 19th, 2004 #1616

The Fifth Megaman Game Stupid Crap
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Escalation is always a problem with these kinds of things. One side gets guns, the other side get semi-automatics. One side gets semi-automatics, the other side gets automatics. One side gets a giant monster on their side, the other side has to escalate to keep up.

When trying to decide how the giant robots would merge, instead of having a bunch of similar robots simply merge to an even bigger version, I decided that several different giant Robot Masters would merge into Bob. Besides, that way I could use a more detailed sprite from the Power Battles and Power Fighters games.

What Crystal Man is talking about is the multiple world hypothesis, that says that for every quantum event, every possible outcome from that event does occur, just in different quantum universe. Sometimes this is shorted to every "decision", since that's easier to understand, but really, we're talking about everytime a quantum mechanical process has more than one way of turning out. That's a lot of quantum universes out there, but then you start throwing around infinities, and it doesn't really matter anymore.

Anyway, I mostly stole the idea for Crystal Man's form of foresight from an Outer Limits episode.
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