Tuesday, March 13th, 2001 #333
Tales From a Parallel Universe 2 The Destruction of Dark Macc
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Now, Dark Macc is supposed to be extremely powerful, but my ego demanded that my character be even more powerful, so not only is Bob not affected by Dark Macc's blast (thanks to the Plastic Wrap shielding seen earlier), but his return shot apparently vaporizes Dark Macc. Incidentally, for those familiar with Macc's site, this violated one of the show's cherished concepts.

You see, as Dark Macc is somehow linked to Macc, anything that hurts Dark Macc is also supposed to hurt Macc. I believe it's one of the reasons Macc doesn't just drop-kick Dark Macc out of the studio. Alas, that was another one of those things I was unfamiliar with when I made this. I suppose it could be argued that if Dark Macc was vaporized quickly enough, Macc wouldn't have had time to feel anything before the connection was broken, assuming it even could be broken.

Well, regardless of how Macc the character would respond to his dark side being destroyed, I always wondered how the real Macc felt about my evil super-villain blasting his evil super-villain. Not there was there was much he could do about, seeing as how I went first with the crossover. But he must not have felt too bad about it, because when he put together his FARTS episode, he took the time to animate this little battle. Though, those animations point out one major flaw with the design of the comic: Bob and Dark Macc should really be much further apart when they start firing on each other.
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