Friday, March 9th, 2001 #329
Tales From a Parallel Universe 2 We Interrupt This Show
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The crossover with Macc's HQ is the only crossover I ever did. I had seen plenty of other webcomics do crossovers of various types, such as the crossover between Sluggy Freelance and User Friendly, and I really wanted to do my own, but no one ever seemed very interested in doing one, and I'm sure the sprite comic format didn't help.

But then some fans who run a website called RPGClassics asked if I wanted to a "crossover" with one of their sections, Macc's HQ. Specifically, with a section of Macc's HQ called FARTS, which is a series of, well, they're not really comics, more like running scripts between characters. Anyway, there are several episodes, mostly centering around a talk show "Fairly Aimless RPG Talk Show" hosted by Macc Maverick.

So Macc and I started talking, and worked out what would become this particular storyline. I would tell the story with sprites, and he would include it in one of his episodes. (Caution: Music on that page.) And since the formats are so different, rather than call it a crossover, I subtitled this storyline a "quasi-crossover".

By the way, I hate that background. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to put together a sprite comic in Paint with a background like that?

Oh, and for the record, that kid is Crono, from Chrono Trigger, and the purple octopus is Ultros, from Final Fantasy VI, in case you didn't know.
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