Thursday, March 15th, 2001 #335
Tales From a Parallel Universe 2 Just Another Contract
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Another long-running gag on Macc's site is that he often obtains the services of his staff through contracts with fine print that essentially forces them into a lifetime of servitude for little-to-no pay. But at the same time, while his staff is legally required to serve him, nothing in the contract says anything about how hard they have to work, allowing them to pretty much slack off all the time.

I figured Macc would naturally try to con Bob into signing one of those contracts too, seeing as how useful he could be. Though, now that I think about it, I'm pretty sure Bob isn't the sort of guy that would give a crap about a contract anyway. In fact, why do the villains from the Final Fantasy games care either?

Well, anyway, Bob's smart enough not to sign it without looking first. Yet another perk of doing my half of the crossover first.
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