Saturday, March 31st, 2001 #351
The Party Almost Ready
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One last comic before the anniversary comics begin. Actually, I'm pretty sure what really happened was that I ran out of material or forgot that March has 31 days, so I ended up throwing together one big, long comic at the last minute with all of the characters introduced so far, and with no actual content. You know, just like most of my other holiday comics.

Oh, and the insinuation at the beginning of the comic is that they've gotten everyone together except the one guy who's actually supposed to be there, the Author. After all, this party is really a celebration for him and his achievement, right? They're really throwing the party for him. Is it kinda creepy the way I keep referring to myself in the third-person all the time?

And there goes Dr. Light, getting another drink, another step on the long road of alcoholism...
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