Bob and George
Saturday, May 19th, 2001 #400
The Second Megaman Game I Love Star Trek
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The key to good technobabble is to use just the right amount of real science to sound plausible, without getting too much into the details. If you don't put in enough science, it'll just sound stupid; but if you put in too much, if you add too many details, not only will you alienate your non-science-minded audience, but the science geeks will realize you're just throwing around scientific buzzwords and tune out.

And since Star Trek's diehard audience was mostly science geeks, you know the technobabble had to be top-notch.

For example, what is an "inverse tachyon beam"? Well, tachyons are a real theoretical particle that are supposed to travel faster than light, and I suppose if you could somehow create a beam of them, you could invert it, right? And it would sorta make sense that if you had an anti-time anomaly, you would want to fire such a beam at it, right? I have no idea what it would do, but that's for the regular writers to figure out.
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