Bob and George
Sunday, May 13th, 2001 #394
The Second Megaman Game Heat Man's Snack
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Very rarely do I censor myself like this, but after I had made the original version of this comic, I decided it was, perhaps, a little too explicit, even if the actual act of Mega Man supposedly shoving Crash Bombs up an immobilized Heat Man's ass was completely censored out. For some reason, the implied forced sodomy leading to an explosive death just seemed to be going a bit too far. Much like how I decided not to make Roll a whore.

So, instead, Mega Man just shoves them down his throat, which served the same purpose and was something I could morally handle much better.

Besides, now you might have felt bad for even thinking I was suggesting that Mega Man was going to forcibly sodomize Heat Man. Even though I sort of did. But you weren't supposed to know that. Aren't you glad you're reading the commentary?
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