Monday, May 28th, 2001 #409
The Second Megaman Game Charging the Big Gun
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I think, deep down, we all know that Apple's computers are generally superior to PC's. I've always been told it's because all of the components inside an Apple machine are also built (or at least approved) by Apple, so there are never any compatibility problems. With PC's, every component might be built by a different company, leading to all sorts of possible compatibility problems. Hell, I once had two sticks of RAM that were supposed to be identical, and they both functioned just fine by themselves, but for some reason refused to work if they were used together.

Of course, having different manufacturers also increases competition, lowering cost. While Apple's computers might run better with less problems, they're also more expensive. And, from what I hear, effectively impossible to upgrade. So there's no buying a new video card or sound card; you're stuck with what you started with. And, to be fair, PC's have become much better in terms of hardware. It's just Windows that sucks now.

And, in further defense of PC's, I should point out that this comic was made before Linux really started to catch on, so it wasn't really an option. This was also before the advent of Windows XP, which while not as stable as Linux or MacOS, was still a major improvement on the stability of Windows, though I hear Windows 2000 is actually more stable.

All I know is that I was still using Windows 98 at the time I made this comic and it liked to crash all the time. Hell, it even crashed once when I was installing it! (It was due to faulty memory, but I stand by my original point.)

I should also point out that my experiences with Macs are rather limited. The first time I used a Mac, it crashed harder than any PC I've ever used, so I've always been a bit skeptical about the greatness of them. Besides, the mouse only has one button. What the hell can you do with just one button?
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